The Arcadian Wild w/ River & Rail (All Ages Matinee)

Artist Information

The Arcadian Wild is a four-piece indie folk/pop group from Nashville, TN. Led by songwriters Isaac Horn and Lincoln Mick and Bailey Warren on fiddle, The Arcadian Wild confidently inhabits and explores an intersection of genre, blending the traditional with the contemporary. Combining elements of progressive bluegrass, folk, and formal vocal music, The Arcadian Wild offer up songs of invitation; calls to come and see, to find refuge and rest, to journey and wonder, to laugh and cry, to share joy and community and sing along.

The band’s 2023 album Welcome marks the start of a captivating new chapter for the genre-bending trio, who returned to the studio with renewed purpose and insight after devoting the last few years to a series of critically acclaimed singles and EPs. Like much of the band’s catalog, the album blurs the lines between chamber folk and progressive bluegrass, drawing on everything from country and classical to pop and choral music with lush harmonies and dazzling fretwork, but this time around there’s a rawness to the writing, an embrace of candor and simplicity that cuts straight to the heart of things like never before. The result is perhaps the most arresting collection yet from a band known for its ability to stop listeners dead in their tracks, an exquisitely beautiful celebration of community, connection, and the power of belonging that feels tailor-made for these challenging times.

Bio: River & Rail

Grace and Alex Fincher wed in 2021, moving to Nashville, TN and establishing Indie Folk/New Bluegrass duo, “River & Rail.” They have since performed over 100 shows- opening for acts such as Willi Carlisle, Esme Patterson, and Dawson Hollow.

Possessing a voice that is equal parts haunting and agile, Grace’s songwriting quickly captivates the audience. Alex’s textural, melodic acoustic guitar and mandolin weaves in between as he adds plaintive supporting vocals. The two have crafted a rich yet close acoustic sound that leans into dynamics, nuanced embellishment, and out-of-the box musical changes.

R&R is influenced by folk pioneers Watchouse, The Milk Carton Kids, Aoife O’Donovan, and Madison Cunningham- and hearkens back to the 70’s acoustic music of Bread and Joni Mitchell.

In Nov 2023, the duo released their debut EP “Trees and other Relatives” a collection of stories mined from Grace’s lineage. Produced by Alex, the EP has amassed 75,000 streams.

River & Rail is recording their debut full-length album at the Sound Emporium, to be released Fall 2024 under Vere Music.

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  • Sun, June 16, 2024
  • 1:00 PM 12:00 PM
  • $22.00 - $25.00 $25.00-$25.00
  • All Ages
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